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Originally Posted by p3lim View Post
Embedded oUF instances are their own addons, with their own space. Overwriting oUF internal functions will only affect each one, not both/all.
The only way it'd affect everything is if multiple layouts use the same unembedded oUF instance (which is why you should never override colors globally).
That makes sense

Originally Posted by p3lim View Post
Another way to get what you want without modifying oUF source:
Lua Code:
  1. -- store and disable the method
  2. local orig = oUF.DisableBlizzard
  3. oUF.DisableBlizzard = nop
  5. -- spawn your frames
  6. oUF:Spawn('player')
  8. -- re-enable the method
  9. oUF.DisableBlizzard = orig
Damn... why did I not come up with this

Thanks for the tip!
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