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Originally Posted by Verissi View Post
Honem, you're tireless I wish I had the energy to reply to half of what you have. <-- for emphasis
Check out my new forum tag.

A Verbose Energizer Bunny

I can has energizer bunny similie ??

EDIT : If anyone missed it after I made the comment about having being way too verbose I was Cairenned ! She changed my tag to "^has verbal diarehha^"
tuba_man on Apple test labs : "I imagine a brushed-aluminum room with a floor made of keyboards, each one plugged into a different test box somewhere. Someone is tasked with tossing a box full of cats (all wearing turtlenecks) into this room. If none of the systems catch fire within 30 minutes, testing is complete. Someone else must remove the cats. All have iPods." (http://community.livejournal.com/tec...t/2018070.html)

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