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I'm sure you meant _shift_ click and yes, Clique + Grid is your friend as a healer. A few searches should net you all you need to know (and probably a lot of what you don't) about how to set this up to your liking. Grid is already somewhat configured - particularly wrt the size and position - in RealUI so I tend not to mess with that. I've tuned the indicators to show buffs/debuffs as and how I like them and I set up Clique to click-bind all my healing spells. Some of them are mini-macros that trigger trinkets or off-GCD abilities as well, which come in handy.

Not sure what you mean about static placement - Clique doesn't care where the frames are my bindings work equally in either role spec (although I do run different specs but iirc this was the case before I enabled spec-related role swapping in Clique).

Also what do you mean by KVM in Clique?

One thing I found that I had to do was to setup the Clique frame blacklist (look under "other" in the Clique config) to exclude Clique from registering on anything other than Grid frames. This is because I re-map the primary left and right mouse buttons. If you don't do this don't bother.
I did mean Shift + Click haha. Anyhow, I went to google and searched key terms "clique grid realui" and didn't find too much useful information. I basically want to be able to cast certain heals by Shift +right/middle/left clicking each grid frame. I really do not understand Clique too well when I open it up. When I click stuff it just begins binding/mapping stuff (I do realize this is the intention, but how to get around without it mapping/binding everything you click is what I mean). Also, you can't bind what you can't see (grid party frames are hidden and no way to bring them up as an example). I know and can ascertain there is a way to do this but the instructions I'm googling just aren't relating well to the RealUI quirks (again like not being able to see the grid frames without being in a party).

Edit; I pretty much figured it out -- however, it seems like every time I load up a random dungeon group I have to rebind the spells for some reason. Has anyone run into this before?

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