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nUI would not be the one that's doing that. What you're going to need to do is to try and isolate which mod it is that is producing that message by disabling mods. It's pretty easy to do.

Start by disabling 1/2 of the mods you have installed, then log in and see if the message still prints.

If it does still print, then disable 1/2 of what you still have enabled and log back in again to see if it went away. If not, disable 1/2 again and repeat.

If the message does go away, then enable 1/2 of the mods you just disabled and log back in to see if it came back. If it doesn't, enable 1/2 again and so on. If it does come back, you disable half of what you just enabled and repeat.

You just keep enabling or disabling 1/2 of the group you last changed based on whether the message came back or didn't come back and keep repeating until you get to the mod that is causing the problem.

This divide and conquer approach can very quickly hit on the problem mod no matter how many mods you have installed... even 200 mods shouldn't take more than six or seven tries before you get to the one mod that caused it.

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