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Some trivial suggestions:
1. Formalizing what you mean by "boss". Only raid bosses? Or dungeon bosses as well? What about faction leaders? Or some gnoll leader ir Redridge Mountains? There are cases when multiple boss-level enemies get defeated within one encounter. One example of such encounter is Iron Council in Ulduar, when bosses need to be defeated sequentially. There's also Illidari Council in Black Temple, where bosses share the same health. And there are bosses which need to be defeated within the same time window, like Conclave of Winds in Throne of the Four Winds.
2. So your task has three parts: understanding when to display (using WoW events), making a frame visible for some time(frame API (creation, changing their visibility) and timers), and changing displayed image of frame(frame API). But for all of that there will be need at least some knowledge of lua.
So I fear this simple add-on might require non-trivial amount of coding.
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