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Thanks for taking the time to reply, mate!

I might have an old version among my installation files. I quit wow on January and returned to play some of Cata, so I used an application to keep my addons up to date, developed by another well known addon site. I just checked it out, and I realized that it did not update all the Macaroon modules. Namely, Xtras, Profiles and Bags & Menu were not updated.

About the "Again, Manual load." thing is because it tried to perform the dual-spec bar-load upon spec change, but I didn't get what I saved in the profile it should have loaded, thus I did the manual load and I got the layout I saved.

I am not sure what caused or why I got that strange behavior with the macro thing. I will try Macaroon Macro module for sure. I am sure the bar was a common bar though, with no special flags or properties set.

I'll make sure every single module is up to date, and will try to set a layout again. If this doesn't work, I'll revert Macaroon to the version you mention.

Thanks for your feedback!
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