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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
Keep in mind also that if you load a profile and make any changes to your setup, your changes are NOT automatically saved back to the profile the way they are in every other addon I've ever used that supports profiles. You have to go back in and save the current settings to the profile. I can't count how many times I've changed something, forgotten to save it, and then switched specs only to realize that I'd just lost my changes.

Also make sure that, when you save a profile, you're checking ALL of the checkboxes underneath the Save/Load/Delete buttons.

Neither of these are very intuitive, so having overlooked one of them may be the cause of your profile-loading problem. I've never experienced anything like the other problems you describe, though, so I can't offer any suggestions there.
Relax, when I change Macaroon (4 changes since I started using it), I make BIG changes so not saving them is not an option.

As to the checkboxes, I learned to check them all the hard way a few releases ago xD

Thanks for your input anyway!
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