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Originally Posted by DugiGuides View Post
BTW Rythal since you are alive and well.

I hate to say this here but you left me no choice since you don't reply to my emails or messages. It's not professional how you accepted my Job offer, then you dissapeared from the face of the earth and you don't even have the courtesy to tell me or reply any of my messages.
If you wish to air laundry, at the time I wasn't on anything.. I do agree it wasn't overly professional and I apologize for that, lack of any internet access for 2 weeks made it relatively difficult to convey anything, and by the time I did get back, and dealt with my employer about things.. it was already to late and I wasn't going to try making excuses. It was better to just leave well off alone.

While I really do appreciate the job offer when I was in need, and I'm sorry things turned out as they did.

As for two different versions, there is only 1 that should be supported by anything.. the alpha is the only release and will be released as the full version next release.