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Carbonite addon is now totally useless

At least it is for me.
-- Countless lua errors pop-up after the latest Blizzard update (Aug 28, 2012).
-- The maps don't work at all.
And, there's probably hundreds more issues, but I was so disgusted and angry, I left the game and came here to gripe! My next step is to remove this defunct Carbonite addon, and warn other people from downloading it. I used to encourage this addon to everyone I met in the game! Now, I can no longer do that and keep a clear conscience.

Actually, the developers should remove this addon from web site download locations (like WoW Interface), since it's now a totally broken and useless addon. It's unfair to the decent people who are still being led into downloading/installing it due to the untruthful advertisements on the Carboniteaddon web site.

The developers never even had to common courtesy to explain that they were going to vanish.