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Originally Posted by Thrumbar View Post
The 2 small arrows are 1. Minimap arrow and 2. Carbonite map arrow if I am correst. The other is the Objective arrow,,

Your objectives: If you currently have objectives for a quest you're tracking a large golden arrow will appear along the edge pointing you on where to go. and I do not know how to remove it...
Normally Theres only one silver arrow, but when i`m tracking and get attacked, it turns red and another silver arrow pops up beside it, and when i come back out of combat, t turns silver again and the other arrow disapares. Cant find any solution in the carb option.

I have recently also seen double ? on at the q turn in on the minimap, guess itīs some kind of 2 maps overlaying (if the carb map havenīt merged into the blizzard map properly or it must be something in setting, since itīs the newest version of carb and only addon i run and deleted the cache
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