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Originally Posted by atl77 View Post
What I don't get is: why did they compress the item db? The whole stuff is downloaded as a zip anyway - and it gets uncompressed in memory on loading, so there's really no advantage to it - or is there?
Welcome to the old carbonite, everything and anything was encoded to stop people from working with it. If you ever look at the original source code, everything literally was encoded like this from quests to zones to items and guide info.

It was part of the obfuscation efforts they employed.

I was able to reverse it using the various unpack methods and then recoding it to use the unpacked info instead which resulted in what we have now and things being plain english. Before hand when it was obfuscated you couldn't do that as you had no idea what the unpack functions were even called as everything was one or two letter variable / function names.
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