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Originally Posted by TekNoir View Post
In my opinion, it would be a waste since they're talking about removing defense in Cataclysm.

With all due respect to a "Lead Designer", that man is completely wrong many times in analyzing things about the community. The reason tanks are scarce (if in fact they are) is because kids prefer to stroke dps numbers rather than play a critical part in keeping folks alive either with shields or heals. Thus, the reasoning, or at least part of it, for them "doing away" with defense is messed up. If you read his bullet points on getting rid of defense, he's basically saying one thing with which I agree - it's too confusing for the community. It requires a little more reading than most people are willing to do if they want to truly understand tanking mechanics for each respective tanking class.

Bah, I don't get it. I wish they'd stop micromanaging things like this and focus on broader scopes of interest. We don't need a complete mechanical change every patch. Know what I mean?
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