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I play an Enhancement Shaman as my main. I love him very much. I played TBC as Restoration, but I always had the interest of going Enhancement. Once WotLK came along and gave me the opportunity to do so, I never looked back. Now I use Restoration as my Dual Spec, but I rarely ever use it.

One of the things I like about Enhancement Shamans is that, afaik, they are the least played specialization/class in the game. Shamans being the least played class, and Enhancement being the least played talent tree. (Though, I think now that we're in Cataclysm, Enhancement seems to be a little bit more popular!)

I just love being an Elemental Melee Bloodlusting Battering Ram!!!!!! I just love the whole idea of Shamans, and being Melee was the way I wanted to go
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