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Originally Posted by momondo View Post
Hey! i have 1 level 85 and 2 level 80s that i liked alot when i was leveling, i leveled a hunter, a death knight, and a druid. but i always get bored at top level, so i would like to make sure i like the next class. i don't like tanking, i like dps and heal (mostly dps). i like that the character is easy to level-up, and i like to do some pvp once in a while.
also i like to have some opportunities to change my roll. ( its not needed ofc )

If you need more info, just tell me.
Hi, as i understand you like to dps :P
I would have starting with a priest to dps/heal with OR i would go for a warlock.
they are both spellcasters but since you like to heal i thought that wouldnt be a problem

PS: Shaman is also a great healing/dps class.
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