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I can only really give you some recommendations for one class, as I don't play the others that much.

Originally Posted by Dizzyizzy View Post
Rouge lvl 30 (human) Assasin
If possible, get a fast dagger (1.4 or 1.6) for the off hand, and a slow (1.8) one for the main hand. Both should have agility. Always use Instant Poison on your main hand, and Deadly on your off hand. Until you get Envenom, use Mutilate to 4 combo points, and then Eviscerate. At low levels, you really do not need to worry about Rupture, or Slice and Dice.

I recommend something along the lines of this spec.

If you spend most of your time dungeoning, I'd suggest Combat over Assassination. As Combat, you'd want a slow main hand (2.6) sword, axe, fist, or mace with Agility on it, and a dagger for the off hand (at low levels, speed doesn't matter too much, but try for a 1.4). Use the same poisons as Assassination, Sinister Strike to 4 combo points, use Revealing Strike, and then Eviscerate.

I recommend something along the lines of this spec.

If you spend most of your time questing, I suggest going Subtlety up until around 80. This is the fastest questing spec out of the three for Rogues, and you can even do BGs really well with it if you want. Use Dager/Dagger like Assassination, but always open from Stealth with Ambush, and then quickly Eviscerate (you may or may not need to add in a Hemo depending on if your Ambush crit or not). Loot, and move to your next target.

I recommend something along the lines of this spec.

If you need more advice, or have more questions, ask.

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