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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
Okay. So I need to detect when someone dies during a Mass Res cast, and send a callback indicating that they now have a res being cast on them.

Also, I'm changing the order of returns from the API (both callback and functions) to avoid having icky nil values in the middle of the stack when Mass Res is involved. The new order will always be caster, end time, target. If there's no end time, then just caster, target. If you call LRI:UnitIsCastingRes and there's no target, then it's a Mass Res. I already updated the API doc pages, and will commit the change shortly.

Edit: More questsions for someone with access to Mass Res -- does INCOMING_RESURRECT_CHANGED fire for players who die during a Mass Res cast? Does UnitHasIncomingResurrection return true for them? If you change the debug level in LibResInfo to 2 or higher, you'll get a message in your chat frame when the event fires telling you who it fired for, and whether the API thinks they have an incoming res. You can move the messages to ChatFrame3 or something if you don't want them spamming ChatFrame1.
I'll have to check a bit later for that, although isn't INCOMING_RESURRECT_CHANGED only for when the cast of a spell begins? When mass rez goes off it's just an aoe from the caster on anyone in range.
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