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Umm yea

I've been following this since 5.04. And I for one am extremely happy with what Rythal did for you. Which was fix YOUR addon and I read this entire thread and not once did you thank him. Not once did you thank the people here for their support of you. Honestly your answers seem smug and condescending. If you no longer play wow, or you cannot keep up with supporting this addon, or you cannot even pay enough attention to the fact there is a LONG AWAITED patch and xpack (which you should have known about), THEN DON'T DEVELOP THE ADD ON. Give it to somebody else to continue to work on. There are several people who were more then happy to step up and continue the work on the addon. I wonder how much money you made from us while you were not even knowing there was a patch? This is not a troll I am not attempting to flame etc I'm just stating how I feel. It's time we stop making excuses for these people who could care less about the people who use their products. If you have a Job, and you are too busy or if you don't play anymore THEN DON'T PUBLISH AN ADDON. Thank You.