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Lightbulb Some thoughts on all this

If you volunteer to do something, you donít just drop the ball without an earth-shattering emergency on your hands. Otherwise, people will go elsewhere. Iíve volunteered many a time in my 40+ years of life and have done so now with my being my Guildís GM. I replaced the old GM, who was leaving the game with his wife due to real-life issues and was wise enough to not simply let a then 4 Ĺ year old Guild simply die.

Even in game, Blizzard gives rights for a Guild to eject their Guildís GM if theyíre not on for 30 days. Thatís ONE month, not several. And we GMís donít even get to solicit contributions to help us run the Guild; I know I give my time completely free (and I do it gladly; weíre a fun bunch!).

I was facing the possibility of being off WoW for a good chunk of time due to surgery, among other things. I called a Guild Officers meeting, kept everyone informed, and made sure I had people lined up to help me out if it was needed. It could have been very different if Iíd had complications. But if that had been the case, I had backup Ė my excellent officer team for the Guild.

Thatís how you run a volunteer project. I have 5 people other than me on my Guild leadership team. Donít be stubborn about getting some more help for the project! Get some new blood and let them help you help the community. You and Carbonite will both be better for it.