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Originally Posted by patrick51 View Post
atlas works because it does not rely on a event in the game to trigger it. If its not one program carbonite will require an in game event to launch the new modual. If it misses that event then the proper part will not launch. That is the problem with DBM now. Part of the time it will not catch the proper event to launch the correct modual. Has nothing to do with how good a programmer you are has to do with the way the game works .
Modularizing the addon makes it where he knows where to fix something, as much as it does help people to load and unload parts that they want. If it makes it easier for him to fix, it makes fixes come out faster. If it's still all crammed into one mass and he has to search through all of it for the problem, it takes longer. He's also tidying up the code to make it where he can fix it better in the future. Carbonite has been in need of an overhaul in some time. It works right now, sure, but it's been patchwork fix after patchwork fix for a while. If it stood back up at 100% again I'd be amazed. Let him do his modularization.