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Originally Posted by patrick51 View Post
atlas works because it does not rely on a event in the game to trigger it. If its not one program carbonite will require an in game event to launch the new modual. If it misses that event then the proper part will not launch. That is the problem with DBM now. Part of the time it will not catch the proper event to launch the correct modual. Has nothing to do with how good a programmer you are has to do with the way the game works .
The major "It is the programmer" is how the programmer chooses to configure things.

DBM people decided to be cute and make the modules auto-detect what to load. They decided to be economical and have it check what to load only once.

That is their call. You can build in massive redundancies on your auto checks. You can make the player select what to load. You can have a button you press to update the modules loaded. You can have auto-detect with manual override....

Yes, there are SOME limits based on the interface Blizz gives us. But no limits from Blizz specifically make modularization a bad move.

The primary benefits for users:

1. If something breaks only a SMALL part of Carbonite breaks. So PvP or map only people won't suffer because of a Quest bug, etc.

2. Other addon developers can more easily cannibalize Rythal's code to incorporate into their own system. ie - more alternatives will crop up.