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Originally Posted by Rainrider View Post
First of all a warm welcome back!!

Then for the features (I've never used your addon, but I'd love to):
  • As Seerah suggested, a way to look through bars for spells you haven't yet placed there would be cool.
  • Don't you ever place something on my bars automatically! (or make it optional )
  • Handle symbiosis somehow (currently you either have to get and use [Overgrown Lilypad] or find a druid to cast it on you, so that the spell, which is based on your spec, get's in your spell book, so that you could drag it onto an action button. You don't get a notification for this apart from 60 min. buff applied to you which is easy to oversee in raids)
  • Spellbook search would be great
  • LDB would be cool too
  • About integration with the LevelUpDisplay - spell tooltip on mouseover, abitilty to drag the spell from there to the action bar and toggleble display of features like dungeons and battlegrounds would be nice.
Thanks! I'm glad to finally be back!

I would absolutely make auto add to bar optional, and customizable. I'd have options to choose which, if any bar(s) to use and whether to categorize by form, at a minimum.

Adding a spell that you don't currently have to the bar is fairly unusual, but it's actually really easy: Just call PickupSpell(spellid). I've used that to put boss spells on my action bar (they don't do anything though). All I need to do is spend a minute or two making a table of Symbiosis SpellIDs by class.

Spellbook search would probably take the form of a slash command that would pop up the Learning Aid window with the results. I'm not rewriting the whole spellbook (yet). I'm thinking something really simple, like "/la spell searchstring" to do a simple case-insensitive substring search. With some safeguards to keep from putting every spell in the spellbook on screen, of course. I've done that way too many times during development.

I have a few potential LDB features I'm thinking of trying out, like displaying Learning Aid as a drop-down menu instead of a floating window, using the LDB icon to notify the player of missing abilities, and/or optionally showing everything you've learned this session, today, or this week.

Tooltips and dragging are exactly what I was thinking of for level up integration. Filtering out the various message types I hadn't thought of. You and Phanx both suggested that, so I'll be sure to look into it.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm really excited to make some significant improvements and not just bug fixes. It's been quite a while.
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