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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
A lot of things are still stored in Carbonite.lua that should be in it's own file, across all the modules.

If it was just profiles, it wouldn't be so bad and up and running. The problem is if you delete a profile, to also make the modules delete the same profile. If you change profiles, make the modules change to the same profile.

The easy solution would be to not do this, and keep everything separate. Profile options for every module.
I think the logical solution now that Carbonite is modular is that each module should have a file with the profile and module data that is independent of the rest. Maybe also an option to reset settings to default values for emergences. An option to have the same profile assigned to multiple characters where it won't be a problem is also a good idea since I like to have an uniform UI for all my characters but some people prefer to customize the UI per character or class.

That way if someone for example decided not to use the wherehouse anymore the collected inventory data won't be loaded and take space, also having a ~1MB Carbonite.lua file is a bit to much for me when the rest are 1-2KB.

P.S. At some time in the future you might consider renaming the directories to Carbonite_ModuleName for grouping in addon control addons. I don't know if spiting the configuration by modues would help or not - might get too confusing for some users but if it helps the development process...

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