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Yes, raid frames are way too big for DPS. You can't heal, you can't apply absorbs, you can't dispel any debuffs, etc. All you need from raid frames is a rough gauge of who's alive and who's dead, raid icons, and maybe a few encounter-specific boss debuffs. My DPS profile in Grid just has tiny boxes with the first two letters of each player's name, and the frames are certainly not front and center. I'd suggest putting them where your combat log is, and get rid of the combat log. There's no point in having your combat log displayed at all times -- do you ever even look at it? If you need some numeric feedback your abilities, turn on the game's floating damage numbers, or get a scrolling combat text addon.

I'd also suggest getting rid of the buff bars for your poisons -- that's a lot of space to waste on buffs with a 30-minute duration. If you need a reminder to re-cast them when they expire, a better solution would be to show something when they're not on you.

Also agreed that even just a few pixels of spacing would help a lot. Squashing everything together like that really hurts readability. So does having those health/power numbers outside of the unit frames -- I know some of them being unreadable comes from the overdone JPEG compression in your image, but if you feel the numbers are important enough to show, they're also important enough to make sure they're readable regardless of the background scenery.

Spindly pixel font is also horrible and unreadable, but I'm aware some people inexplicably love them. The outlined all-caps pixel font on the damage (?) meter is especially bad.
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