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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
I don't see any boss frames in your screenshot?
Likely thats the frame under the target frame.

If thats the case make that the focus frame instead and put the boss frame on middle of the left side of the screen. Maybe go about 3/4 size on it too while you're at it. Doesn't have to be that big only thing you really need to see is the health power and aura bars for the boss.

Why do you need your debuffs on the boss frame? I'd show only boss auras not player auras myself.

Change the DBM colors to match the grey colors you're using for unitframes.

Place the DPS meter next to the raid frames on the bottom right.

  • Find a skin for the RaidManager
  • Change the minimap
  • Move the Objective tracker all the way to the right side
  • skin the chat frames so the default borders don't show
  • place the nameplate text inside the nameplate itself
  • stop using pixel fonts
  • swear to whatever deity (if any) you worship you will never EVER use pixel fonts on purpose again
  • get 10leej a cookie (cause he really needs one right now)
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