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Originally Posted by sirann View Post
Things that still need to be done, but I don't believe directly impact DPS/Survivability:

Replacing skins/textures/maybe entire addon (TinyDPS)
Getting a chat AddOn
Finishing the rest of my scrolling combat text AddOn
Skinning BigWigs/Moving the bars, warnings etc
ToolTip addon
Finding other quality of life addons to gut and combine.
Ok so here are my suggestions

For minimap i like to use sexymap cuz of the easy config window
Chat i would go for prat i like it personaly and to safe cpu just turn the high-cpu addon off
Tooltip i love tiptac alot easy to customize and option to show who casted a aura good to know what hunter to curse on right
and know its not in the list but for buffs raven is nice

gl with modding
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