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Originally Posted by candrid View Post
LUI is a good interface. I'm 99% sure files that are uploaded to WoWUI (here) are checked for malicious code. So do not worry too much. These files you can read with a text editor.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by SDPhantom View Post
WoWI, Curse, and WoWAce are among the most reputable addon sites out there and manually check for malicious code. Each site has a search function you can use to find any addon you know the name for. If you don't know the name, each one has vast communities you can post in and get answers.
Thank you as well!

Originally Posted by Zyonin View Post
Generally, its impossible to get a virus using a normal WoW AddOn. The nature of WoW isolates AddOns so the most damage they can do is eat an excessive amount of RAM and CPU cycles however even that is not a much of an issue unless you are running WoW on a marginal machine. The main way you would get malware related to WoW is if you run some kind of executable code (WoW AddOns should not contain executable code otherwise they get rejected by the mainstream UI sites) downloaded from some dodgy site or via a site taking advantage of unpatched exploits in your browser, Flash player or JRE (Java). Those are mostly avoidable by keeping your system updated and fully patched.

WoWInterface and the Curse family of sites (Curse and WoWAce) are quite vigilant when comes to keeping nasties out of their system. TukUI (home of TukUI and ElvUI) also keep their sites cleaned up as well

As far as good UIs to start with, LUI is a good choice, same thing with RealUI. TukUI and ElvUI are quite popular as well with many UIs using either of those two as a base.
This information is very reassuring!

Thank you guys for the information!
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