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Frame error from Artifact

1x FrameXML\MainMenuBar.lua:125: Usage: local cost = C_ArtifactUI.GetCostForPointAtRank(rank, tier)
[C]: in function `GetCostForPointAtRank'
FrameXML\MainMenuBar.lua:125: in function `MainMenuBar_GetNumArtifactTraitsPurchasableFromXP'
_Deranjata\modules\xpbar\artxp.lua:34: in function <_Deranjata\modules\xpbar\artxp.lua:29>

(*temporary) = 38
(*temporary) = nil

Here is the function in its entirety, im really struggling to figure out what is broken i can find no documentation that any of these were changed or discontinued
Lua Code:
  1. derArtifactBar:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, ...)
  2.     if not HasArtifactEquipped() then self:Hide() return end
  3.     self:Show()
  5.     local itemID, altItemID, name, icon, totalXP, pointsSpent = C_ArtifactUI.GetEquippedArtifactInfo()
  6.     local numPoints, artifactXP, xpForNextPoint = MainMenuBar_GetNumArtifactTraitsPurchasableFromXP(pointsSpent, totalXP)
  7.     self:SetMinMaxValues(0,xpForNextPoint)
  8.     self:SetValue(artifactXP)
  10.     self.Text:SetFormattedText("Artifact XP: %d / %d       +%d Points",artifactXP,xpForNextPoint,numPoints)
  11. end)
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