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Ahh - that's something I hadn't considered - that damage shield actually refers to things like the Priest's absorb shield.

I've been assuming that the events referring to damage shield actually referred to things like the Shaman's Lightning Shield or Druid Thorns (things that do damage to the person doing the hitting when they hit).

It'll take some testing with my priest to get soem of those partially absorbed blows recorded to see how to get the actual damage into the DPS Taken. For now though, I'm hoping that absorbed damage is ignored (so a Priest who shields at the start of the fight and kills before the shield expires will show DPS Taken of 0).

Your comment Cide does start opening up the Pandora's Box of all the different flavors and options that a DPS Taken mod could start tracking and reporting. At least for now, my interest is in the end result after everything that helps defense is applied, so it boils down to DPS Taken.

But misses and miss rate, blocks / block rate, dodges / dodge rate - omg the list can go on and on Those will be for somebody else to do!
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