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Originally Posted by Muaziz View Post
I found a simple way around this. I was using a Macro by default rather than an Action Id for my "Holy Word: Chastise".

To fix this, I enabled the Blizzard bar, added "Holy Word: Chastise" (e.g., in slot number 6 of bar 1). Then I hid the bar again. I then edited the button to use "action id:6" rather than "macro". When I did this, the button correctly changed spell while in different Chakra states.

I also tried fixing this using macros, but could not get it to work. But the approach I described will work great as long as you don't need to macro it.
I was going to suggest that too So far my investigation on the Cata beta server is that this issue is identical to the Moonkin one. On the beta, the proper spell casts, it is just the icon/tooltip do not update. This goes for a Blizzard macro on a Blizzard button as well. If this issue goes live, I have a solution for it. I will not have a fix for the live servers, though, until the Cata pre-launch patch hits the live servers.

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