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Hey maul, I got a question about my macros ><

/cast [mod:alt, @player][@mouseover, help, nodead]Prayer of Mending;[@mouseover,harm,nodead][harm,nodead]Mind Blast; Prayer of Mending

/cast [mod:alt, @player][@mouseover,help,nodead]Regrowth; [@mouseover,harm,nodead][harm,nodead]Wrath; Regrowth

the top macro is my priests, and it works

the bottom is my druids, and it works, but then it doesnt work when i go into combat. and it doesnt work after combat until i hit bar edit, but then it works without adjust any settings. so confused. my bar only has the control bar checked for vehicles which my priest also has. Everythign else is default settings

edit::when i hit the keybind for the macro, the combat log tries to cast Wrath on an invalid target (im guessing me, because im holding alt) However, if l click the macro while holding alt, that seems to work now... so confused ><

edit::Okay now it seems that once combat starts, it works on my target only with the keybindings...

edit::Figured it out. I still had bartender running in the background as I tried to remember my kkey placements... wonder why that makes it mess up with the keybinds changed >.>
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