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In later TBC when I tanked on my long abandoned paladin I remember I had a macro in the form of

"What's the pull order you say?"
"This room, the next room and straight to the boss!"

I clicked it every time I joined a group. Paladins were basically the only good AoE tanks at that time.

Loved it when my rogue had to put points in Improved Sap (or whatever the name was) so he had like a 75% chance not to leave stealth.

Anyway I'll gladly be leveling my lock in Cata, using glyph of fear so I get a nice CC. Bursting away with the new talent points.

I just hope the game stays enjoyable for a long time even if you're at 85. In WotlK and TBC I had this feeling you were just doing the same things you already did before. Even tho I did not raid back at those times.

I hope the changes are enough to refresh the game a bit, cause it IS getting an old game in the meanwhile. Of all the expansion tho, this is the one I'm most looking forward too.
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