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edit: it just dawned on me what you mean by "ghost frame". yes, a "configuration mode" for Aloft is on my TODO list. enabling that will show all enabled nameplate elements, at least in some bogus form, at least on the current/target nameplate, so that the user can configure the layout of nameplates. sorry for being dense .

Originally Posted by Kasprague84 View Post
I was wondering if there was anyway to implement a way to ghost frame Aloft so it is easier to configure the castbar, almost like how AZCastBar's configuration (it showed ghost cast bars, so you can move them in addition to seeing how the grew from left to right).
i am sorry, i was never an Az user, so this is pretty much "greek" to me. what do you mean (mechanistically, in terms of the visual effect you want to occur... and i am only assuming this is a visual effect of some sort) by "ghost cast bars"? can you link to a screenshot of some sort that would provide an example?

Also, was wondering is this new beta allowing for regular dogtags instead of the syntax you are using with the released one?
i looked into this when i first took over Aloft. as it turns out, LibDogTags-3.0 requires unitids in order to query for information. unfortunately, there is no actual association between nameplates and unitids (though you can click-target through nameplates, and they are somewhat "secure"... so go figure).

so, LibDogTags-3.0 really only works for things like "unit frames" (where there are static unitids permanently associated with the frames) and "tooltips" (which basically use unitid "mouseover" for everything).

Aloft has to jump through substantial hoops to gather/regather and cache information when it has something "targeted" (i.e. when unitid "target" or unitid "mouseover" address a unit, at least transiently). other more basic things like health, unit name, unit level, etc, are scraped directlty out of the underlying Blizzard nameplate, and yet other things are scraped out of the tooltip (on mouseover). the cast bar is provided by Blizzard (and it only appears for the current target anyway; Aloft basically just tweaks its appearance). things like AOE threat and target-of-target data are supplied via an esoteric/indirect process that has some significant limitations. in other words, no-can-do .

any sort of "dogtags"-style information would only be available for groupmembers and/or the current target. so, Aloft implements its own tag syntax/library, to provide the user with some data selection/customization/formatting capabilities for the data Aloft gathers/caches for nameplates. all of this was originally originated by the original author, Roartindon, and collaborators (originally ).

hope that helps. give me some more detail on "ghost cast bars" and i will at least look into it.
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