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Originally Posted by Brusalk View Post
Does anyone know of an easy way to determine the player's active specialization? I've been digging through the interface code and I haven't found anything beyond maybe trying to manually set the talent frame to the active spec and checking PlayerTalentFrameSpecializationSpecButton(1-3).selected

(which is true if it is, the only problem being that it's only for the tab that's currently selected on the talent screen)

I must be missing something >.>

It seems like the world's map size has become very inconsistent. Depending on where I measure it from, it gives me different results.

World's width and height in yards as measured from
Kalimdor: 59547.144977691 39698.085269174
Eastern: 59325.077732756 39550.030762135
Northrend: 56143.874550054 37429.26435188
Pandaria: 51274.202252344 34182.772393128
Maelstrom: ? ? (doesn't seem to be part of the world at all, like Outland)

Coordinates are completely broken in Dalaran, no player arrow appears on its map.

On live servers I always get around 47714 and 31809, regardless of which continent I derive it from.