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WoWModelViewer question

hi guys, back agian and with sum questions O_~...

as i said before i use hex editor and xml codes from allakahzam.com to change my item grahpics, but cannot sucessfully change my mount grahpic but to only change the icon.

i can change my mount sucessfully with MyWarcraftStudio from curse-gaming.com but the grahpics of them are terrible and i do not really understand why it is so since they come from model.mpq and patch.mpq.

WowModelViewer was just discovered by me also found on curse-gaming.com
(Link Here)

it is a program that shows nearly EVERYTHING in very good and searchable order from the wow files u have.

and when u open models which are from model.mpq and patch.mpq ( opens automatiically in WowModelViever, it is shown PERFECTLY like as in game.

My question is why is WowModelViewer showing these items and character's not deformed and undone when MyWarcraftStudio is?

Is it that MyWarcraftStudio is loading the models incorrectly? and is there a way to fix this.

I saw on this forum written in modifications help by a supermod a list of texture's trying to help someone fix his deformity of his attempt to change his mount to a drake or something like that.

can some explain how i can fix how MyWarcraftStudio loads or however u want to call it of mounts and such, like not fix it to be shown with eyes and acutal existing textures in game as to having no mouth, no eyes, a wierd looking cloth on top of its tale ( incomplete? ) and stuff like that.

sry for the long ESSAY lol but want to explain my stuff clearly. Thanks for the reply's
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