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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
Why are things closer to the sides of the screen than the tops and bottoms? It doesn't seem like enough of a difference in spacing to really be an intentional design decision, but it's enough to be noticable and distracting. It also seems like a lot more spacing than you really need.
I don't really think this is the case, or it would mean that my alignment addon is ****ed up

Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
There are also some other minor alignment issues: the (unnecessary) FPS/latency/memory display isn't lined up with the chat frame; the world state frame (top center) isn't lined up with the buffs/minimap; the boss frames seem very randomly placed; weapon buffs seem really far from other buffs for no reason.
What would you move the world state frame with? I have never really noticed it, and really it would be nice to align it up! The boss frames indeed are just there for the moment, trying to find a good spot for them. Weapon buffs seem a bit far off from the buffs, but I have a 2nd buff row and debuffs there inbetween.

EDIT. Figured out how to move the world state frame with a few rows of code.

Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
Other than that, I'd say the combo points being on the far side of the target frame is wrong; they should be closer to the middle so you don't have to glance over there to see them. Those raid frames are way bigger than you need for a rogue (or any other DPS class). The text on your target (?) castbar is not aligned properly and is falling off the bottom of the bar; this doesn't seem intentional, as no text on any other bar is placed that way. That alt power bar just does not match at all; if you're using oUF, skinning it is trivial.
I have no problem with seeing the combo points tbh.. also I only rarely play my rogue so I havn't really given it much thought. Raid frames are designed to suit my main (paladin) on whom I need to see alot of buffs/debuffs on the frames. That's also the reason for having them close to the middle instead of out in the side. Thanks for pointing out this stuff about my castbars, going to fix them up right away. I havn't really thought about the alt power bar, would be nice to skin it, sure, but I'm using stuf and it would require and extra addon... I'll see about that.

All in all thanks for this extensive feedback.

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