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You're missing the "bot owning the camp" bit too. Enough people with bots, everything is camped by a super efficient bot that will always react faster than you because its going at the speed of the processor instead of your brain. Even worse, a pvp bot? Given enough AI, and the right interface functions, you could program something to do almost anything for you (fishing bot comes to mind, but again, thats back to gold inflation)

Pretty much it comes down to the point that the people with bots will start to inconvienence the people without them in a pretty short period of time, and not only that, but since its a bot, they're gonna be there 24/7 (or whenever they're not playing) and then whenever they're done, they'll sit them back there and even if you're at the camp, you go back to the "bot can react way quicker than you can" argument.

So if you look at the bigger picture, its more than just "making farming easier" and "thats not how you're supposed to play" - at excessive levels, the economic impact alone would make it to where normal players simply wouldn't have enough gold to buy things, because gold is so worthless in the player economy because of the massive influx of gold due to farmers.
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