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Quest Markers (? and !) not always showing on Carbonite Map

Hey guys! So I just bought WoW and am new to playing. I was searching for Addons to use and came across Carbonite, which it seems development may have halted, but I'm loving it. The only issue I'm having is that the ? and ! don't always seem to appear in either the map or minimap. They do in the regular WoW map just fine. I'm a completionist and look to do everything in a zone before moving on. I've gone through all the settings in Carbonite, but can't seem to find anything to fix it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I'm also using NPCScan, Gatherer, and nUI (I have the integration addon for Carbonite/nUI) so maybe something is conflicting to prevent it from populating correctly? If anyone has any insight on this, it would be greatly appreciated! I also downloaded Wholly since I saw that on a lot of forum posts for Addons. Thanks in advance!