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UI I'm working on since coming back to MoP

Latest image of UI:

Updated list of (visual) addons used:

- WoW Icons - Crisp
- Bartender 4
- Masque - Diablo III
- dMinimap
- Stuf Unit Frames
- ShinyBuffs
- WeakAuras
- BasicChatMod
- Kong UIHider
- TipTac
- ChatLoot
- TinyDPS
- BagNon
- TidyPlates Threat Plates
- Cursor Castbar

The UI's aim: Something functional for WoW players with small resolution screens (mine is 1366x768). Reduce clutter, yet make things easily readable. Only tested with Monk class currently, and most definitely not ready/made for raid usage. Or healers as there's no proper buff/debuff filtration and indicators yet.

It's best used as a pure levelling UI.

It's currently a 'levelling' UI, so I haven't thought about placing raid UFs for example (prolly going with Grid for that anyway).

So since I'm levelling my Monk primarily for a bit, and my resolution is pretty small and squished (1366x768), I need something to give me enough empty screen space and I keep a lot of my bindings on macros hidden on BindPad so the actionbars are probably going to be limited to the two rolls you see there. Since Monks have mostly short CD abilities, keeping most of the abilities on the bars feel cluttered so I'm limiting myself to the essentials on those two bars. Not shown: the WeakAura sets I'm still setting up for notifying about CDs and abilities.

Stuf for my simple health and power bar in the middle. Energy bar is reverse fill. Stuf's Chi bar bugged out on me, but I think I'll set-up a WeakAura set to notify me about Chi anyway so that's probably how it's going to look for me. No values, I don't really need to worry about absolute numbers.

Party windows shown. Not exactly as clean as I wanted. I'm new to using Stuf and I don't really have the time to properly design the skins I would like to have. So they're just messily cobbled together of what I want. They're functional though. I want them to hopefully match the clean look of ShinyBuffs on the right, because I really like the status bar for duration look on buffs instead of numbers on icons or buff bars.

I don't actually have a target bar set-up. I'm using ThreatPlates and as I'm levelling/soloing on all my characters so far, I still do not need a proper target window. Once I'm doing heroics or raids or PvP again though, I have to figure out what style I want.

dMinimap in the top right. If I had the screen space, I actually prefer the minimap in the center or even near eye level off to the side. But not going to happen with my laptop resolution so in the traditional top right it stays.

ShinyBuffs for the buffs rows. I started really liking status bars on buffs since seeing a plugin for ElvUI (VisualAuraTimers), but couldn't find a standalone style like that till ShinyBuffs!

TinyDPS bottom right because deeps.

Also because of Monk's lack of long-casting abilities except Fist of Fury and later Crane Kick, I opted to use Cursor castbar, it feels it fits the class better too, and I don't need to portion out a full rectangular piece of screenspace for a castbar.

I wish I knew how to skin it better, or how to have it use alternate icon art, like circle icons. Probably going to shrink it from this size, it's a little big.

I still need help with the chatbox. I don't know what to do with it. It's essential, yet always feels either too small for me to see the text properly, and then too big to fit with the rest of the UI. I probably just need the perfect font for it.

So yeah, any feedback would be appreciated. Hopefully discussing on other screen saving addons/methods I could use. Eventually I hope I can learn to use and have the time to set up a kgPanel set-up with clickable panels, which would solve my screenspace issue. For now I'm quite happy with how this is going so far.

Addons used

- Stuf
- rChat
- dMinimap
- WeakAuras
- ShinyBuffs
- TinyDPS
- BindPad
- Bagnon
- rQuestWatchFrameMover
- TidyPlates Threat Plates

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