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Originally Posted by Ailae View Post
Maybe people think it's a bit in a gray area if it's allowed or not, since it's outside the Interface-folder. Also, maybe it's hard to gather sounds that you can collect in a pack and distribute without breaking copyrights and whatnot.
I make one that removes the helicopther sounds.
And one to silence Undead Canabalize sounds
Quiet Cannibal

I think if people start to replace lots of sounds then Blizzard will lock out the sound replacement system much in the way they did for cursors. As it stands right now there are very few "addons" that do this which is probably a good thing.

Changing the sounds is actually really easy. The hardest part is finding the exact sounds for what your looking for. All you need to do is to be able to read the MPQ files to find the directory structure and the name of the sound file you want to replace. Take a look at one of the sound replacement addons here and look at the MPQ that this file "replaces". It will have the same directory structure as well as name.

No editing is ever done to a MPQ file in any way. As it works right now WoW sees the new sounds in the data folder and redirects the game to play those instead of the originals.

As far as a "gray area" is concerened I don't personally see it that way. The game was designed to do this. It was programed this way. Maybe it's a "feature" left over from testing and debuging to easily swap and test sounds who knows, but the fact remains is it can still do it. Blizzard knows the game can do it and knows people are doing it. So if Blizzard had a problem then it would have been patched long ago.

I also agree with Ailae about the copyright issue. If packs start getting released your going to see themes based off of other peoples IP's. This is something I'm sure Blizzard does not want to see.

And as Granbr pretty much said .. the game sound fine just the way it is.
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