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Pitbull - TAGs don't seem to work for me :///


I am just in middle of testing Pitbull and i find it so fantastic and flexible, even better with Bongos3 =)

However, i have a few problems i tried to find the solution on different forum but i didn't get answers yet. Maybe here =)

I would like to see someone's Talent Spec and Talent Tree above the Pitbull's Frame. I have written the code below which works perfectly for me character ('player')

[TalentTree:Yellow " (":Yellow TalentSpec:Yellow ")":Yellow]
I would like to do the same for target but target can be NPC, bear etc or opponent from another faction. So sometimes talent tree is available sometimes it's not. Now, I have written another code:

[if TalentTree("target") then
    TalentTree("target"):Yellow " (":Yellow TalentSpec("target"):Yellow ")":Yellow
which was supposed to distinguish between NPC or WOW player and displayTalentTree/TalentSpec or not to run anything. It's not working thought and i dont know why. Can somebody help me please?

PS. This is how frames look like for me ('player') and should be the same for target (the target is in this case a priest and there is a missing text):
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