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Originally Posted by LudiusMaximus View Post
OP said they were using something similar.
Originally Posted by Jynks View Post
I have been using Paste (a wow addon that allows you to paste commands in and ignore macro length) but it dose not work off a button click I cna put on my bar.
Long story short, the actionbar doesn't directly support running anything that isn't a built-in macro or an item/spell. You have to make a linking macro that triggers addon code with either /run or /click. Even using this method, there's no guarantee that you can even access the code you need to run.

Since you're just interacting with TomTom, you could make your own addon that registers a global function you can call with /run.

Lua Code:
  1. function MACRO_SetTomTomWaypoints()
  2.     local TomTomCmd=SlashCmdList["TOMTOM_WAY"];
  3.     TomTomCmd("#1961 61.28 40.46 on cliff");
  4.     TomTomCmd("#1961 29.9 55.6 on the cliff");
  5.     TomTomCmd("#1961 35.8 46.5 on the chain");
  6.     TomTomCmd("#1961 35.9 62.3 on the cliff, climb up by following the anima vein that starts at 40.1, 56.8");
  7.     TomTomCmd("#1961 38.5 31.5 on the cliff shelf, jump down from the top level");
  8.     TomTomCmd("#1961 39.7 34.8 hidden amongst the giant roots, hop down from above");
  9.     TomTomCmd("#1961 41.1 39.8 on the middle level of the cliffside");
  10.     TomTomCmd("#1961 41.3 27.8 looking into the Maw");
  11.     TomTomCmd("#1961 43.2 31.3 on the cliff between Darkmaul and Malbog (climb up from either side)");
  12.     TomTomCmd("#1961 49.3 41.8 hidden amongst the giant roots");
  13.     TomTomCmd("#1961 50.6 22.9 on the cliff, walk down from above");
  14.     TomTomCmd("#1961 59.8 15.1 on the cliff");
  15.     TomTomCmd("#1961 61.3 40.4 on the cliff");
  16.     TomTomCmd("#1961 62.4 49.7 on the edge of the cliff behind a large pale tree");
  17. end

/run MACRO_SetTomTomWaypoints()
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