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Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
Ah I see what you mean. 3rd quest in or so for Alliance at least.

Okay, figured out the problem. Must be the way their new bar system works. Bartender has the same problem. However if you keep in the vehicle you will find that periodically through the quest it will come and go depending on whether you have an action to do at the time.
The first q you get a vehicle (the one you're referring to) seemed bugged for many players, the action bars didn't pop up untill you get "control" so to say, after you've been flown till the start point of the q. It never disappeared for me after that (Well, till after the q was done :-p)

A quest you get later in the "fish people village", one that's tells a story of 4 npc's in a similar fashion as the q "the day deathwing came" (or something) worked without any problems. The vehicle in that case is the person telling the story and you reenact him/her.

There's another quest that occurs a lot later, after you done some killing in a mine you need to hop in a cart and get driven by a pandaren and you need to hold of attackes, but with that one I never did get an action bar..
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