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Originally Posted by Mwelling1 View Post
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you with more information. The quest I'm stuck on right now due to this issue is "Clear the Way". Where you must slay 10 virmen and avoid the elite named Ook-Ook. If you get to close to him he throws a cage on you that you can only get out of by hitting the button that appears. The nui dashboard covers up the button for me in this case.

I also ran into an earlier quest named "A Lesson in Bravery". During this quest you get picked up by a Great White Plainshawk to fight it in the air. It this grabs you in its talons and there was supposed to be a button that popped up for you to click to get out of the talons. I died the first time due to no button. Second time I just ended up killing the bird despite the fact I was grasped in its talons. So I moved on.

The other quests where your action bar becomes some sort of vehicle bar or the button appears after a delay seem to be working fine. Sorry for the misdirection on that, I should have been more clear.

Hopefully this helps sort out the issue.


I sorry, my english is very poor. If I am not wrong to the button to which it refers Mwelling1 it is the fact that I indicate in her screenshot of interface of wow, In another screenshot with nUI the button is not, I have used nUI Transparant Black Dashboard to verify that the button does not exist and order the screenshot to show it.

Please if there is some solution that we could do comment on it in the forum and let's be able arrange it. If not, comment on it, to be able to wait patiently while a solution comes

thk u

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