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Well, thread is using to stop code running when needed, in many ways it save time to build an addon, I know one time one code running, so all the lua code.

As an example, in past development, when I need to used a popupdialog to confirm something, I need call the PopupDialog, and past a callback function to wait the popupdialog call it.But with the thread, I can do like this
if IGAS:MsgBox("Are you sure to repair all items?", "n") then
No callback, the popupdialog ask you to confirm if you want repair, choose ok, then RepairAllItems will be called.Just clear what you want to do.

For the inherit, xml inherit has too many thing can't be done or hard to do, I have work on wow addons for more then five years, I know what the xml can do, and what it can't do.Ace also have ACEGUI, it's not built on xml, we all see the disadvantage in this xml system, although it don't have a full inherit system.

I need a widget system with properties and methodes, making the addon's development just like we do in .Net. And that's all I do in this lib.

Do you like

frm.Visible = not frm.Visible


if frm:IsVisible() then frm:Hide() else frm:Show() end

As computer, it's all the same.But to author, many things like this would make the development more flexible.
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