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kgPanels Micro Menu

Someone at WoWUIGallery had asked about the micro menu in the RealUI. Although the author uses his own addon to create the texted based micro menu, this can be done in kgpanels pretty easily.

(I'll use the character frame as an example)
Simply create a panel. Use whatever border and background you want. For the sake of this information, create a panel 32 X 32.

Goto the text options and put in "C" w/o the ". Depending on what font you are using adjust the size if need be. Adjust the color if need be.

Go back to the main panel settings. Click on Intercept Mouse clicks. If not checked the script will not work.

Goto the scripts options. Go down to OnClick. Type in

if pressed then

Click Accept.

You should now have a small square with a C in the middle. If you click it, it should open the Character Frame. Click it again to close.

That's all there is too it. Below I've listed the toggles for various frames:


If anyone has any questions, cares, concerns please let me know.
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