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Originally Posted by Akryn View Post
You mean like...

1. Target the MT.
2. Set focus.
3. (You can do this through addons or just normal macros):
/cast [target=focustarget, nodead, harm][] some spell
Alternatively, leave the MT targeted and use stuff like this:
/cast [target=targettarget, nodead, harm][] spell

As a sidenote, if you like auto-targeting, I personally couldn't play my healers without long macros that let me heal by target's target or focus or whatever seems convenient like:
/cast [mod:shift] nature's swiftness; [mod:ctrl] some shapeshift; [mod:alt, target=player][help, nodead][target=targettarget, help, nodead][target=focus, help, nodead][target=mouseover, help, nodead] some heal
Thanks, i was looking for someting like this but since i am a noob in WoW (have a lot to learn). and trying to find a way to keep a solid way to stay on the MA (target) and Nuke the mob he is fighting.
Stay on the MA (even he is not attacking) and get the mob in sight as soon he is targetting a new mob wich i can nuke again.

Since i am a Mage i want to avoid to nuke the wrong mob in multiple pulls.
I am not very familiar with Macro's and would like to ask to create a macro for me wich i can use .

I am using Bartender and will check it out, but i am not looking for auto attack (or auto casting) since there is a change to taunt the mob from start. anyway i will check that thing out in Bartender.
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