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Question Battle pet tooltips disappearing [FIXED]

Hello! I have been experiencing a really weird issue for a while now. On my most used characters (my mains basically, but not my less played alts), if I hover my cursor over a battle pet item anywhere (in my bags, in my bank, in the auction house, in altoholic... everywhere), the tooltip pops up normally, but then disappears within less than a second. There is no lua error. If I move the cursor away and then back again, it does the same thing again. I am really into collecting battle pets, so it's really quite inconvenient.

I have spent a lot of time trying to identify the exact source of the issue, and I've narrowed it down to my two mains (as I said), and Carbonite Quests. On my mains, if I turn off every single addon except Carbonite Maps and Carbonite Quests, the issue occurs. It doesn't occur with only Carbonite Maps turned on, and it doesn't occur either with or without all other my other addons except Carbonite Quests turned on. So it definitely looks like something to do with Carbonite Quests.

I've tried examining the saved variables for Carbonite and for Carbonite Quests, trying to find something markedly different in the data for my mains vs the data for my alts, but it's a LOT of data and nothing is jumping out at me. Any idea what might be going on, or what other steps I can try? I'm reluctant to completely remove the saved variables and start over since I'll lose a lot of data that way.
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