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For number 1 - Note: I haven't tested this
I think that the problem might be the way you're setting the scripts for moving the frame. At line 21, Try
Lua Code:
  1. frame:SetScript("OnDragStart", function(self)
  2.  if not InCombatLockdown()
  3.    self:StartMoving()
  4.  end
  5. end)

and line 22
Lua Code:
  1. frame:SetScript("OnDragStop", function(self)
  2.  if not InCombatLockdown() then
  3.    self:StopMovingOrSizing()
  4.  end
  5. end)

For number 2.
The frame Strata is set too high for what you want. Change the frame strata level from HIGH on line 19 to a lower strata like BACKGROUND. https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Frame_Strata

auLanTisteNT, you will need to save the position as a part of your OnDragStop function. Phanx does it here. https://github.com/phanx-wow/CrowBar/blob/master/core.lua. Phanx no longer plays or monitors the community but her coding is beautiful.
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