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If friendly nameplates aren't used, then there is no way for them to trigger taint.
Plates are only protected when assigned to friendly units, and only in PvE instances. Everything else is free game.
If they aren't enabled then they can't cause errors and break things.

The only thing I could think of would be neutral units that get yellow nameplates while "enemy nameplates" are enabled, but who would be somehow considered friendly by nameplate code... but I don't think that actually exists, and I've never had a problem in nearly a year of insecurely altering nameplates, as long as I kept friendly nameplates disabled (and I've been in a lot of raids/dungeon instances, but admittedly I could have missed some.)

(For the record, as far as I'm aware, Personal Resource Display is not considered a friendly nameplate, so it can't be that.)

But then again, error logs are king. I'd imagine it's not even friendly nameplate-related (or at least I'd be surprised if it were.)

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