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Originally Posted by jeruku View Post
Wouldn't the empty [form] cause the macro to then do nothing while in any form causing it to skip Prowl even while in Cat Form?
It passes over /cast and triggers the following /cancelform.
Originally Posted by doofus View Post
if already in some form then cancel form

Originally Posted by jeruku View Post
Also, doesn't Travel form already select its form based on internal conditions not unlike [swimming] and [noflying]?
It shifts you into the appropriate sub-form, but it doesn't activate itself if it isn't already active.

Originally Posted by doofus View Post
if Prowl is on CD it should just go to cat, but it just waits for Prowl to become available once more.
Blizzard specifically removed the capability to cast spells by what's on cooldown. Since Prowl starts it's CD when you leave stealth, you can't even do this with /castsequence. The best bet is to take Prowl off your main shapeshift macro.

Alternatively, since Prowl doesn't work in combat, it is possible to create a SecureActionButton to run a default macro when in combat and monitor the cooldown when out of combat. This will likely be too large for a macro, so you'll need a custom addon to do it. You can either trigger it from a macro using /click or set a click binding.

Originally Posted by doofus View Post
Just to explain, I do not know how to combine a /script with /cast
Is that even possible ?
/script (and its alias /run) executes Lua code. The only thing you can do there is mess with the UI. It can't cast spells, activate abilities, or perform any other protected action directly.
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